Friday, November 27, 2015

Writing is a Process

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Writing is a process" ?  

It's true.

Well written essays, books or even basic emails became well written because their conscientious authors took the time and effort to revise them several times.  No one writes a perfect essay, article, or term paper on the first try.  But you can make your written work close to perfect with enough concentrated, dedicated effort.  

In order to create a truly high quality piece of written work, you must pour over every sentence, word by word.  You have to mull over the context of every sentence.  Is the statement each sentence is making relevant?  Is the wording ideal?  Each paragraph must be considered in light of the whole document, and then you must consider how all the paragraphs flow together within the document to create a clear, logical train of thought.

Then again, as you make multiple revisions, you must also consider the reader's point of view.  YOur readers may know nothing about the subject matter you're addressing.  Who is your audience anyway?  What is their reading comprehension level?  What are their expectations in light of where your work will be published?

There are many subtle, painstaking aspects to making a single written work truly great.  And, hopefully, Document Grader can help you with this process.

Document Grader will bring your attention to a wide range of potential issues, from work choice to whether or not your phrasing is too verbose, to whether or not you are using the wrong word given the current context.

Whether you're a busy student, a stressed out professional, or an overworked teacher, Document Grader can really lighten your workload.  

So go ahead and give it a try ... it's free!

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