Monday, November 30, 2015

You Should Write Better than You Speak

Here's a general rule: 
- You're writing should sound better than your everyday talking.

Most people use excessive amounts of filler words when they talk (Um, uh, yeah, like, so ... ) as well as rhetorical questions (You know what I mean?).  This is to be expected for everyday speech. A small measure of such colloquialisms can even be useful to avoid sounding pretentious.  However, in the written world, these parts of speech represent mental baggage that will tire out your readers.

If your readers have to spend to much energy sifting through superfluous language, then they will miss the message you are trying to convey.

As the writer, you must carefully measure the value of each word, phrase and sentence to make sure they contribute to your message.  Otherwise, you will alienate your reader by requiring them to sift through the "fluff" themselves.  Most people, unless they are teachers who are being paid to read your writing, will abandon your essay or article before too long, and rightfully so.

Here's another rule: 
- Make your writing easy to read.

Do the necessary work ahead of time to gather the information you want to convey and then present it in a concise, orderly fashion.  Build logical flow into your written work so that your readers will naturally comprehend the point you are trying to make.  And, while you think about the overarching structure of your essay, you must continue to avoid excessively verbose or passive language.

This is a lot to think about, I know.  But, with the right kind of practice, you will develop your writing mind to the point that you naturally recognize some of the best practices referred to here. You can also practice by reading quality written book (published books, for example), getting feedback from experienced writers (your English teacher for example) and by using every available editing tool that you can find.

One such tool that is designed to make you a better writer is Document Grader.  It's free and will provide you with real-time feedback, including relevant suggestions and examples, after you paste your essay into the grading text box.

So, do you want to become a better writer?  If yes, then try out Document Grader today!


  1. "A small measure of such colloquialisms can even useful to avoid sounding" should be changed to:
    A small measure of such colloquialisms can even be useful to avoid sounding