Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Text Box Editing Shortcuts for Windows and Mac - Ace Editor Magic!

The text box you are using when entering / editing text for Document Grader to proofread is based on the open source text editor called Ace Editor.  As such, there are a variety of built in "tricks" that you can utilize to make your document editing experience easier.


- Undo

When the cursor is in the text editing box, you can simultaneously press the keys "Control + z" for Windows or "Command + z" for Mac to undo the last change that was done to your text.  This is already standard for these operating systems.  This will undo the last change regardless of whether you typed / deleted / pasted something, or if the document was automatically changed by Document Grader when you clicked the button to instruct the service to do so.

- Redo

This shortcut is also the same as standard commands for Windows and Mac.  To redo in Windows, press "Control + y".  To redo in Mac, press "Command + Shift + y".

- Text Find / Search

This shortcut is also the same as standard commands for Windows and Mac.  To search for text in Windows, press "Control + f", then a search widget appears and you can type in and search for your text.  For Mac, use "Command + f".

- Select a Word

Double Click.

- Select a Paraphraph

Triple Click.

- Shift Highlighted Text to left or right (Change Tab / Margin)

First highlight the line or paragraph you want to shift to the left or the right.  To shift the text to the right, press "Tab"  To move the text to the left, press "Shift + Tab."


There are other tricks available for Ace Editor (Google it if you want the full rundown), but I feel that these are the most relevant shortcuts for the purpose of proofreading essays.

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